Evaluation of a pre-dialysis program in a renal unit of the city of Manizales, Colombia
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renal unit
chronic kidney disease

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Benjumea A, Manjarrés G, Chacón JA. Evaluation of a pre-dialysis program in a renal unit of the city of Manizales, Colombia. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2016 Jan. 9 [cited 2021 Dec. 7];2(2):111-8. Available from: https://www.revistanefrologia.org/index.php/rcn/article/view/211


Introduction: There is an increasing incidence and prevalence of patients with chronic kidney disease requiring replacement therapy, with poor outcomes and a high cost. Pre-dialysis programs allow the delay in the evolution of renal disease and reduction of cardiovascular events.

Objective: To assess the benefit of a pre-dialysis program in patients with Stage IV CKD, assisted at RTS renal unit in Manizales, Colombia.

Materials and methods: Retrospective cohort study. It was a complete database of clinical and paraclinical variables of the selected patients from the year of admission for three years. Statistical analysis was made with SPSS 12.0 software. Measures of central tendency (mean), of position (percentiles) and of dispersion (standard deviation, range) were used for the variables of a quantitative nature. The proportions for the variables of a qualitative nature were calculated.

Results: Control of systolic and diastolic blood pressure in the 3 and 2 years of monitoring, respectively, was statistically significant. Significance was observed during the monitoring of ferritin in the first and second years. In addition, there was a stable control of hemoglobin during the period of observation with minimal need for erythropoietin (23.07%). No patient initiated dialysis during the monitoring period.

Conclusion: A pre-dialysis program ensures greater adherence and control of targets in clinical and paraclinical variables in patients with chronic kidney disease.

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