Vasculitis in elderly. About two clinical cases and literature review
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microscopic polyangiitis
glomerular disease
renal impairment.

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Pillajo Sánchez BL, Sanango W, Osorio W. Vasculitis in elderly. About two clinical cases and literature review. Rev. Colomb. Nefrol. [Internet]. 2019 Mar. 1 [cited 2022 May 19];6(1):57-62. Available from:


Currently we live a process of transition in the population pyramid. Therefore, kidney diseases become more frequent in the elderly. Thus, primary vasculitis in older adults are rare diseases, caused by the inflammation of blood vessels and poorly diagnosed. The literature is limited to few clinical cases. Cytoplasmic anti-neutrophil antibody (ANCA) positive vasculitis (AAV) is more common in people older than 50 years. The detection of ANCA gives a very poor prognosis in this population. Also, high suspicion and timely diagnosis is important, as this can provide optimal treatment and reduce the complications of the disease and those associated with immunosuppression. Older adults with AAV have greater renal involvement, hypertension, dyslipidemia and increased mortality. Therefore, two clinical cases from the date of diagnosis, age, laboratory values of the initial presentation and the scale of activity of Birmingham vasculitis confirmed with renal biopsy (ANCA positive) identified in a specialty hospital of Ecuador are detailed below.
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